General introduction

FECON Joint Stock Company is a company operating in the field of construction, which focuses on deep specialization is the foundation and underground works.

Established on June 18, 2004 from a group of leading engineers and experts in the treatment and construction of foundations, dedicated to the profession, with creative dynamism and teamwork with workers Skilled, system equipment synchronous with modern technology, so far FECON has become one of the leading companies in the field of building foundations in Vietnam. FECON's main production and business activities focus on the following main areas:

  • Geological surveys, foundation experiments
  • Research and development (R&D), geotechnical consulting
  • Design, production and construction of soft ground treatment
  • Design and manufacture of prestressed centrifugal concrete piles (PC / PHC) and pile construction
  • Manpower supply
  • Provide construction machines
  • Infrastructure investment
  • Mining and supplying construction materials
  • Construction of underground works
  • Construction of roads and ports
General introduction

With the business motto of 'Providing comprehensive solutions for construction foundations', FECON is committed to bringing solutions, products and services to the maximum satisfaction of the requirements of customers and investors starting from the stage. The first is geotechnical consulting; Geological Survey; foundation experiments and designs; supply and construction to the final stage is monitoring.

FECON's technologies are aimed at 5 criteria 'Safety, Quality, Efficiency, Punctuality and Environmental friendliness'. So far, FECON has positioned the brand and reputation with domestic and international investors, contractors in the field of construction foundations. With over 500 projects, many of which are key national projects spanning across the country, FECON has brought practical economic benefits to customers and investors and has received many high awards. This is also the motivation for FECON to continue to strive to become one of the leading enterprises in Foundation Technology in Vietnam in 2015 and the group. Leading enterprise in infrastructure in Vietnam in 2020.

Vision, mission

Vision, mission

Becoming a leading infrastructure construction and development corporation in Vietnam by 2025, vision of 2030 FECON is constantly learning and creating in order to bring sustainable values to society through construction and construction activities. from the project

  • Bridge market - Direction
  • Responsibility - Professional
  • Honest - Straightforward
  • Passion - Drastic

Product - Service

General Contractor

General Contractor